Thursday, May 2, 2013

TBT: 50 Reasons Why I Said Yes

Things I Love About Ben (list compiled in my journal Valentine’s Day ’13):

I figured since I’m starting this blog at the engagement I should take at least one post to do a little bit of a throwback and let everyone know why exactly I fell in love with Ben in the first place:

1.   He has a solid testimony (this list is not in any particular order, but I HAD to list this one very first, because it is the single most important and attractive thing I could have hoped for in my future husband)
2. He’s a smartie
3.  Lowell and Barbara Camp are so sweet and in love I can barely stand it ;)
4.  He can sing me Spanish love songs
5.  He is an exercise addict
6.       He motivates me to always do and be my best
7.       He’s so mature (*cough cough* older)
8.       He's athletically talented
9. He's my favorite story-teller
10.   And really really hot
11.   He’s super muscular
12.   And tall
13. We like the same kinds of music-
14.   He’s responsible
15.   We enjoy some friendly-competition every once in a while, even though I pretty much always win everything in the end anyway ;)
16.   I love ALL of his family
17.   I love ALL of his friends
18.   We have a mutual love for SoCal and the beach
19.   He is personable
20.   And confident
21.   He’s friendly .. even to strangers
22.   I never ever ever have to open my own door
23.   We have a super-healthy relationship
24.   and great communication
25.   He is decisive
26.    and detail-oriented
27.   He is positive
28.    and happy
29.   We both lead active and busy lives
30.   He is absolutely adorable with kids
31.   I get a foot rub every Sunday
32.   He passed the Moroni test
33.   He has every muscle, bone, nerve, etc. in the human body memorized and that’s just plain impressive.
34.   He is a good example to everyone around him
35.   He is helpful and contributing
36.   He is a great date planner
37.   He has the sexiest country-dancing wink I’ve ever seen
38. He buys me lots of Oreo McFlurrys (with extra extra Oreo)
39.    We came together thanks to...Blink 182,
40.    late-night Sonic,
41.   summertime bonfires,
42.   haunted houses,
43.   football season,
44.   the New York Yankees,
45.    and movies on movies on movies- just a few of my favorite things…
46.   He’s a ginger
47.   He has angelic pale-skin ;)
48.   He still drinks Capri-Suns
49.   He makes bomb snickerdoodles
50.   He doesn’t snore zzz

...and those are just the FIRST 50 things that I noticed, trust me, the list goes on...

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  1. Just so you know...A LOT of Ben's family (and there are many of us) have read this post and it's a total hit with all who have read it. #'s 1, 3, and 16 earned triple bonus points :)
    Chrissy (Ben's favorite, older, single, female cousin)