Friday, November 29, 2013

day 13 - feast recovery

weight: 119.4

breakfast : cinnamon trust crunch with almond milk (out of healthy cereal) 

dinner : in n put #2 protein style with black tea 

leg workout 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

THANKSGIVING - cheat day one :))

total weight loss: 3.2 pounds 

this morning I weighed 118.6 so I'm in my goal range! yayy!! today I am not going to worry about/ feel guilty for enjoying family and food, I might even get a cherry coke from sonic! ha! we will see how much I gain tomorrow morning and then I will re-analyze my rules and goals before I can earn my next cheat day, December 12. 

Day 11

weight 119.4

one day left to get into the 118 range! 

breakfast: honey bunches of oats with almond milk

snack: 25 almonds
snack: cottage cheese

SPIN class

dinner: tortilla soup with wheat tortilla 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 8- pleasantly surprised

weight: 119.1

so happy I didn't gain anything from my bad day yesterday! I'm counting my blessings and extra motivated now :)) 

gym: 45 min treadmill intervals, 10 min stairmaster, 10 min. abs circuit with medicine ball

11 am breakfast: muscle milk 
snacks : ate four pumpkin cookies throughout the day again. too delicious! 
lunch: honey bunches of oats
din: chop salad
gave in and ate some popcorn too

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 7- Sunday

weight: 119.7 - gained a pound back again, darnit. I did promise myself that I would keep track of EVERYTHING that I eat, so even though I'm not proud of my Sunday dinner either and this is the second bad day I've had in a row here goes :/ 

breakfast: honey bunches of oats w/ almond milk 

lunch: 2 eggs w/spinach scrambled and 1 low fat English muffin 

I made three ingredient pumpkin cookies... and ate 3...

dinner: 1/2 steak, 1/2 baked potato, and green salad 

popcorn ... going to pay for this tomorrow at the gym!! 


Day 6- soy sauce sucks -_-

weight: 118.9

morning workout: leg day! (again)
lunch: zupas (1/2 small tortilla soup and 1/2 small nuts about berries salad) 
snack: honey bunches of oats with almond milk 
late dinner: sushi - I thought this would be a healthy group date option, but I think not drinking enough water and all that soy sauce took it's toll.. blah. ) 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 4- Yoga

Morning weight: 120.1

8:30 am breakfast: one slice multigrain toast & 1/2 banana
12 pm lunch: turkey sandwich (multigrain bread, light mayo, tomato, cucumber, spinach and turkey)
2:00 pm snack: one piece dark chocolate and 25 almonds
4:00 snack: small fruit bowl
6:00 pm dinner: 1 chicken breast and roasted asparagus
8:15: Gold's Gym yoga class (not my favorite)
9:30 snack: 100 calorie bag - Orville 94% fat free popcorn - I broke a rule here, eating too late! :/